ahm Fashion Exchange feed

"The ahm Fashion Exchange events are a great way of re-purposing fashion. You exchange unworn items from your wardrobe for pieces you like in another. It's like raiding your best friend's wardrobe. Waste less, shop more and look fabulous - all for free"
Paula Joye, Style commentator and advocate of the ahm Fashion Exchange events

What is the ahm Fashion Exchange?

Events taking place across the country to swap clothes in style. Bring up to six items of clothes you once loved but are no longer your favourites and shop the swaps for something you love. It's like shopping for free and like ahm savvy health insurance products, means less waste.

  • 1. Bring up to 6 items of clothes you used to love

  • 2. Receive a token for each of them

  • 3. Use your tokens to shop the swaps

What to bring

So everyone can update their wardrobe in style, here's a guide for the quality of clothing you should expect to exchange and receive.

Clothes and accessories should be:

  • Something you would lend to a friend
  • Washed and ironed
  • Good quality
  • Free from faults or holes
  • Tags attached if available

For more information about the Savvy Life Projects Fashion Exchange, download the media release. (59KB PDF)